Winner: Fine Art Category – 2015 Stark Awards

I feel very humbled and fortunate that the veritable Stark Awards have awarded me winner of the Fine Art Category of the 2015 competition (with luminaries in the photography firmament judging the competition such as Michael Levin, Scott Kelby, Michael Freeman and Ted Forbes). One of the judges had the following commentary on my image:  “This in my first place selection. While reviewing all the images this was the one that kept pulling me back to look at it. The curve of the branches with the soft focus droplets created a mysterious image and those I find are the most compelling. The photographer has taken a simple subject matter ( one that you and I can see everyday) and elevated it to something unexpected …..the measure of a strong photograph. I also think that the hue of blue combined with added layer of “etching” makes it all the more intriguing . Well done.”





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