Whitewall Art projects mini-series

a small series of works has opened for show this past weekend. The works have gone through a series of modalities – I created backgrounds using plaster, washes with alcohol inks and powdered dye, I then photographed these. All the while during summer I had been collecting things that caught my attention as I went about my daily bush walk – I dried these…it got so prolific my daughter said my studio looked like a wizard lived there! I then photographed these. Finally I travelled to the State Library in Sydney where I photographed old photographs made in the 1930’s of dendroglyphs (carved trees) made by indigenous Australians. I then blended all these three photographic elements and printed the results to Japanese Washi (Mulberry pith media) and finished with encaustic medium and some toning and accentuating …. take a look at the series “Vestige of Beauty” in the portfolio section.