EVOLVE group show begins

The Artists of the Round Yard present their newest show at Retford Park, Bowral beginning this Friday.

I am presenting two works – Imaginata Australis vii and viii

X Pollination group show now on

We have hung the first installation of x pollination at Retford Park, the National Trust property gifted by James Fairfax to the National Trust NSW in 2016. I’ve been a member of the artists collective The Artists of the Round Yard for the past 4 years or so. No doubt this is the most dynamic show I’ve been part of – and the Regional Gallery, Ngununggula, has been opened just this summer on the same property!

Imaginata Australis V accepted into art prize

Great appreciation and satisfaction at having had some very esteemed judges accept my work as a finalist into the ‘Into the Light’ art prize at Whitewall Art Projects. Very appreciative as it is one of the only (could be THE only) art prize in Australia that permits mixed media works as entry. All finalists are on exhibition from 8th December 2021 in Berrima.

Whitewall Art projects mini-series

a small series of works has opened for show this past weekend. The works have gone through a series of modalities – I created backgrounds using plaster, washes with alcohol inks and powdered dye, I then photographed these. All the while during summer I had been collecting things that caught my attention as I went about my daily bush walk – I dried these…it got so prolific my daughter said my studio looked like a wizard lived there! I then photographed these. Finally I travelled to the State Library in Sydney where I photographed old photographs made in the 1930’s of dendroglyphs (carved trees) made by indigenous Australians. I then blended all these three photographic elements and printed the results to Japanese Washi (Mulberry pith media) and finished with encaustic medium and some toning and accentuating …. take a look at the series “Vestige of Beauty” in the portfolio section.

Strange Fruit…sold!

The largest work I’ve created to date sold at the wonderful Whitewall Art Projects in Berrima….2.2 x 2m…goes by the name of Strange Fruit….

Linton & Kay Gallery, Perth WA

I will be having my first showing with Linton & Kay Gallery in Subiaco, Perth. The works in this exhibition “The winds of change (…and 2020)” were created initially during lockdown stemming from COVID-19.  The whimsical nature expressed in the works came naturally, an inclination perhaps towards a desire to escape, to float from the relentless drudgery of existential angst I perceived.  In addition a penchant for finding (and utilizing) imagery that suggested something, while in fact, being quite another added to this play of smoke, mirrors and double entendre.

Now showing: Southern Highlands Arts Trail

I have a number of works on view at the annual Southern Highlands Arts Trail this November (2020) in both Retford Park (James Fairfax’s Estate, Bowral) as part of the Artists of the Round Yard. I will also have works at the lovely newly opened gallery in Berrima – Whitewall Art Projects

Terra Australis Incognita book

Just received a copy of a book I have been working on. It incorporates all images to date in the series Terra Australis Incognita (unknown Southern Land). There is a superb forward by Tony Hewitt and it has allowed me to evaluate the progression of the work which began, in earnest, 2 years ago.

International Photography Awards 2016

I missed the announcement on this one!!!  Only saw it when I went to enter this year’s (2017) competition…

I received two honourable mentions in two categories – Self Portrait and People for The Hatters Exit in the 2016 competition.  Not too shabby considering there were 26,000 other images …


The Hatters Exit

B&W Spider Awards

Only just got word that I received a few more citations than I had realised during the annual ‘Supremo’ Black and White Awards last year….

I got an Honorable Mention for Kickoff along with two further images that were nominated as contenders for the Architectural and the Still Life Categories not too shabby for 7,500 entries….



Central Region


Circular Paddock

Award Winner – Art of Living Photography show

Just heard I’m a Gallery Award Winner and this image will be exhibited in Berkeley California at the ACCI Gallery …. its also eligible to be selected as a 1st, 2nd or 3rd award placement.  Shot at Dawn in Ubud Market, Bali in May 2017.

Ubud Market at Dawn

Solid Gold and Silver Linings

I’m very appreciative of my peers in the regional arm of the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers for giving me a gold and three silver awards for images I submitted into the regional (NSW/ACT) Professional Print Awards in Sydney this past weekend.  Especially gratifying is that the gold was in a category which I have only entered once before.  Here are the images.

Hatters_Exit_w_GoldFeathers_Print_awards_v5_w_Silver  Impala_ewe_1_v2_w_SilverCaroline_and_Mark_disembodied_image_w_Silver

6 nominee images at 2015 B&W Spider Awards

Fortunate news – after having got only 3 images as nominees for awards at the 2014 competition I’ve been fortunate this year to have 6 images nominated (shortlisted) for the 2015 Spider Black and White Awards.  The most encouraging thing is that the images were in a wide variety of categories from ‘Children of the World’, to ‘Fine Art’ as well as ‘People’ and ‘Wildlife’.



Winner: Fine Art Category – 2015 Stark Awards

I feel very humbled and fortunate that the veritable Stark Awards have awarded me winner of the Fine Art Category of the 2015 competition (with luminaries in the photography firmament judging the competition such as Michael Levin, Scott Kelby, Michael Freeman and Ted Forbes). One of the judges had the following commentary on my image:  “This in my first place selection. While reviewing all the images this was the one that kept pulling me back to look at it. The curve of the branches with the soft focus droplets created a mysterious image and those I find are the most compelling. The photographer has taken a simple subject matter ( one that you and I can see everyday) and elevated it to something unexpected …..the measure of a strong photograph. I also think that the hue of blue combined with added layer of “etching” makes it all the more intriguing . Well done.”





Two Silver Awards APPA 2015

Two of my images have received Silver Awards at the 2015 Australian Professional Print Awards – it’s always a harrowing experience where five Master Photographers of the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers (AIPP) get up to inspect your (physical) print and pass commentary (if you’re lucky!) and their scores… it was a particularly tough year of judging by all accounts.


Iceberg Lines Live amongst the dead

Two images voted as Top 101 International Landscape Photographs of the Year

Two images (see below) have been voted to be include in the book published annually of what is considered the Top 101 Landscape Photographs of the Year as voted for by my Landscape Photographer peers – very rewarding, particularly in light of the fact that my images were selected against 2600 others.



Int Landscape of the year 2015

Iceberg Lines Marble Cathedral

NSW Print Awards: Silvers and Gold….all that glitters!

As part of the Australian Professional Print Awards regional outing I elected to enter two images into categories I’ve not entered before (with much seriousness) ie. Portrait and Illustrative.  I was very surprised and proud to have been given a Silver and a Gold image respectively – a real honour as this is my first Gold Award – and one given by my peers.  In Landscape (my go-to category) I was successful in getting 3 Silver Awards.